“Most people consume too much salt; around twice the recommended maximum level of intake”, World Health Organization

Urbanisation is changing diets. Around the world people are consuming more and more processed food, meaning more salt and less of what we really need; the essential nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

With the World Health Organization estimating that reducing salt intake will save around 2.5 million lives every year*, we’ve decided that a delicious range of no-salt products is the best step forward.

Our secret to excellent taste? Good quality raw ingredients, minimally processed

sustainability By developing and marketing products with less or no-salt added we are contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 (good health and well-being)

no salt tinned tomatoes



For our tinned tomatoes we are careful to select our best raw fruit during the summer months of August and September, to make sure that only ripe and wholesome tomatoes are canned.

We can our tomatoes within 24 hours to preserve them in their best quality, whilst our gentle production process allows us to naturally preserve the full flavour of our ripe tomatoes without the addition of salt nor calcium chloride, which is found in standard tinned tomatoes.

The end result is our fresh-tasting range of no salt added healthy Italian tomatoes - ready to be used in all manners of everyday cooking.


no salt tinned beans



Our tinned beans consist of quality beans, which we carefully rehydrate and then cook.

We select only the most wholesome dried beans from around the world, and have developed expertise in preparing and cooking our beans so that no salt, calcium chloride or ascorbic acid are necessary. Typically, these ingredients are found in standard tinned beans and are used to add a firmer texture and shinier appearance.

The result of our natural process is ready-to-eat beans with good uniform texture and a distinct taste and aroma, which are perfect in salads, pasta or stews.

Our canned bianchi du spagna and borlotti beans in water with no salt added were awarded 1 star at Great Taste Awards 2013 in London.