"Over 50% of people in Europe are overweight or obese", World Health Organization

It’s estimated that the average person in the UK consumes the equivalent of 20 teaspoons* of sugar a day, hidden in an estimated 74% of packaged foods*.

Assuming a 2,000 calorie daily diet, the WHO recommends no more than seven teaspoons a day*, and we couldn’t agree more.

We have done away with added sugar while maintaining fresh, authentic taste. In our products you will enjoy the goodness of quality ingredients, complimented with the natural sweetness of fresh tomatoes.


sustainability By developing and marketing products with less or no-sugar added we are contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 (good health and well-being)

no sugar tomato sauces



Our sauces are made from rich Italian tomato pulp using only fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

We do not cut corners; instead of adding sugar like other brands, we add a higher percentage of chopped tomatoes, which brings a natural sweetness to our sauces. We process these ingredients gently, to preserve their freshness, while we add no sweeteners, flavourings, thickeners or colourings, so that the perfect natural flavour is kept.

The result is our fresh-tasting range of award-winning gluten free-certified Italian tomato sauces. They are all ready to use for everyday cooking with pasta, as well as on pizza bases, with meat, or as a dip.

Our Puttanesca sauce with anchovies and olives, Classico sauce with basil, and Siciliana sauce with aubergines were all awarded 1 star at Great Taste Awards 2018 in London.


no sugar power soups



Our range of 100% vegetable soups are made from quality vegetables and boosted with healthy ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, sesame, chili and basil!

No sugar, dairy or thickeners, as found in other brands’ soups, are added to our Powersûp Soups.

The result is four unique, naturally creamy vegetable soups that can be gently heated before eating, or used as healthy sauces with pasta, rice, fish or chicken.

Additionally, our soups are shelf stable and are packed in glass bottles; plastic-free and 100% recyclable packaging!


no sugar ketchup



Our ketchup is made from fully-ripe red tomatoes grown organically in sunny Italy.

For every bottle of ketchup we produce, we use more tomatoes than any of the traditional brands, and instead of adding corn syrup, cane sugar or artificial sweeteners we simply use organic apple juice to naturally sweeten our ketchup. Thus, we use 250g of fresh tomatoes produce 100g of our ketchup, resulting in an equivalent of 15 round tomatoes and 3 apples in each bottle!

Through this innovative process, we have created a well-balanced, naturally delicious and fresh tasting tomato ketchup, which contains approximately 42% less sugar than standard brands.

As recognition of the great flavour we have achieved, Coppola Organic Ketchup was awarded 1 star at Great Taste Award 2019 in London.