“An estimated 30% of the food produced for human consumption globally is lost or wasted somewhere along the food supply chain”, FAO

Food, water, land and energy wastage robs us all of vital resources.

At Coppola Foods we are committed to efficiency at every stage of the supply chain. Our production processes, stock management and formulation & packaging solutions are constantly re-optimised, leading to efficiently-packed food products with a naturally longer shelf life.

Our packed within 24 hours tomato production process is the perfect example of our commitment to efficiency. Not only do we deliver a higher quality product as a result, but we assist all with reduced food loss.

sustainability climate actionsustainability responsible consuption By optimising our supply chain, production processes, formulation and packaging solutions we are contributing to the UN Sustainable Development 12 (responsible production and consumption) and 13 (climate action)

reduce waste passata



Our Coppola Passata is made from 100% Italian fresh tomatoes, grown and packed in sunny southern Italy. These tomatoes are sieved and then cooked at a low temperature into a smooth sauce with a rich texture and bright red colour.

Standard passatas come in a large 680g bottle. This is typically too much for a small household to use in one evening, and in a culture where there is not regular consumption of pasta or tomatoes, this size of bottle may cause wastage. We therefore created the 350g passata bottle, which is perfect for single users or small households.

Our passata is made seasonally from fresh sun-ripened tomatoes, with no concentrate added, and the result is an overall richer texture than standard passatas, which makes it ideal for all recipes requiring a short preparation time and maximum flavour!


reduce waste polpa+



Our Polpa+ range delivers a very satisfying blend of sun-ripened chopped tomatoes, with garlic, or herbs, or seasonal vegetables, or peppers. We always use 100% fresh Italian tomatoes that are grown and packed in sunny southern Italy.

This product helps our customers reduce food waste, as they don’t need to buy all the ingredients and have food remaining unused at home, and eventually thrown away. We also save our customers’ time, as the fresh vegetable mix means they do not need to go and buy vegetables and nor do any chopping before cooking.

The tomatoes in our Polpa+ are hand-selected, steam peeled and chopped. Our ingredients list involves only tomatoes and vegetables; no salt, no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavours and no thickeners added.

The result is a polpa that is perfect for intensely flavoursome tomato sauces, for pasta risottata - also known as ‘one pot pasta’, to make dips, in stews or with meat.

Polpa+ Vegetables was awarded 1 star at Great Taste Awards 2017 in London.


reduce waste single serve tomato sauce



Our tomato sauces are made from rich Italian tomato pulp using only fresh ingredients of the highest quality, which are grown and packed in sunny southern Italy.

For this product, we are offering smaller-than-normal jars of 180g, which are perfect for single users, kids, or cooks who have just the right quantity in mind. The end result is the reduction of unnecessary food and money wastage.

As with all of our tomato sauces, this product contains no added sugar, sweeteners, dairy, flavourings, thickeners, or colourings, in order to preserve the natural flavour of the ingredients, while it also comes in BPA free lining.

The result is our fresh-tasting range of 7 classic award-winning gluten free-certified Italian tomato sauces, which are all ready to use for everyday cooking with pasta, as well as on pizza bases, with meat, or as a dip.

Our Puttanesca sauce with anchovies and olives, Classico sauce with basil, and Siciliana sauce with aubergines were all awarded 1 star at Great Taste Awards.


reduce waste single serve tomato sauce



All our packaging is 100% recyclable. However, we are continuously looking for various ways to avoid, where possible, or reduce to the minimum use of plastic in our packaging.

With this in mind, we are replacing plastic shrink warp outer packaging to cartons, and use tins and glass bottles / jars as primary packs for our canned products, soups, sauces, ketchup, spreads, oils and vinegars.

Currently, plastic represent circa 2% in weight of the total packaging material we use.